Questions about Life Coaching?

​Coaching isn't about diving into your brain to put a label on what's holding you back. It's about empowering you to recognize your dreams and the path to achieving them. Once you've separated coaching from counseling, the next logical question might be:


You'll notice the word Celebratory on the Coaching 'is' side. Celebrating milestones and accomplishments is one of most critical jobs not only for a Life Coach but for any 'coach'. If you're not taking time to savor the victories, you're certainly not getting the most out of your coaching (and probably not out of life). Enjoying the victories within Life Coaching programs is just as important as setting the goals and steps to get there.

What is Maximal ME Life Coaching?

Want to start basic?  Download the Maximal Me Goal Tracker below.

"Everyone needs a coach..."

~Bill Gates

Sometimes a quote or speech provides a good answer....but when the people speaking are Bill Gates, former CEO and Chairman of Microsoft, and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, the answer is even better:

Life Coaching is the practice of constructively giving guidance for changes within personal or professional lives. Effective Life Coaches are able to provide tools and exercises that allow both individuals and groups to make smart, effective choices. To fully understand the goals, we'll need to consult the Maximal Me whiteboard to observe the differences between coaching and services that might be considered therapy: