Coach Your Own Stress Out​​

​​This 1-hr seminar, originally designed for a Fortune 500 Leadership Program, provides an innovative approach to conquering personal and professional stress through creative and proactive measures. 

Teen Transcendence   

Recently launched in March 2017, Teen Transcendence was created to raise the bar for high schoolers everywhere by going above-and-beyond. Parents and Guidance Counselors should click below to discover the path to getting your teenagers ready to achieve great things: ​​

Nothing But Team Building​​

Ready for a day of connection and evaluation that's disguised as fun? This session allows a group to hit the reset button and revisit communication and teamwork during stressful times.

Maximal ME Coaching Specialty Programs

Discover a Better Work Environment

Your group will take a thorough, inside look at creating a healthy and safe work environment that values fairness, equality, ideas, and feedback.  The program includes suggestions for improving morale and having more fun.  

Mastering Office Dynamics​​

​​This course offers groups the opportunity to examine the factors that make employees disgruntled, that serve as roadblocks to communication, and that deter focus from daily objectives. More importantly, we’ll offers solutions to fix them.

Perfecting Your Interview Skills​​

The ultimate 1-hr crash course that prepares you to dominate the competition in your next big interview. The experience includes communication skills, cover letters & résumé tips, and, most importantly: a filmed mock interview.   

Leadership Hodge-Podge​​

Looking to mix it up or explore different Leadership Styles and how they affect communication and interpersonal relationships? The course can explore 2, 3, or 4 styles or theories and evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses.