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Solid Life Coaching is founded on Communication and holding you accountable to your goals and action items. Your Maximal Me Life Coach will be motivating you to do all the 'little things' along the way and will also be the one cheering you on through your entire journey..

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Maximal Me combines the power of LIFE COACHING with the core building blocks of your potential. The program starts with the VISION STATEMENT of where you want to go and what you want to be and then creates a road map to get you there. The values of COMMUNICATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, and ACCOUNTABILITY will empower you to set goals, fulfill your action plans, and soon tell yourself, “This is the Maximal Me.”


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Together we're going to create a Vision Statement to guide you through your journey. We'll map out your path to success and evaluate potential milestones. The Maximal Me program works with goals of all shapes and sizes if you're willing to aim high and work hard..

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Let's find out about YOU, and more importantly: what you want to achieve. You'll quickly find out how Maximal Me and Life Coaching can be tailored to ANY aspect of your life including Dating & Relationships, Professional Growth, and Time Management.

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